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Mysterious. Chocolate Lover! My anchor in my travels is my Gatekeeper Spirit Guardian. As a child, I played with the elementals of nature, yet began my spiritual training with my Teacher Guides...at Uni, I met my Guardian Angels... and then the journey just keeps getting wonderful. I always feel like Alice in Wonderland - and I'm absolutely thrilled that I can share this magic with you through this platform.


To get something it might feel impatient.... but miracles take time to manifest into being - do not give up before that miracle happens. Love yourself and shine that light from within you..... I am here to challenge you with the truth using my Claircognizant skills.... who knows, I might just guide you to what already know to be true in your heart.


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I believe in past lives, and the Divine Creator who has a perfect plan for us called destiny. But there are many roads to that destination - i.e. we all have free will to make the right choice. I believe we are all responsible for our own fate with the future ever changing according to the choices we make guided by a Higher Presence. I believe we come to earth to have the human experience where we learn our soul lessons. If we fail, we simply come back and repeat the lesson until eventually we transcend to the next level. So I feel the souls' purpose is to ascend spiritually, without limiting oneself in any way.




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To psychically tune into you, I will need only your First Name and Birth Year . Where possible, you receive your readings within 1-11 days (readings booked before April 2017, are in a backlog as I have been unwell to channel)

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