by Serena

Jenny's Angels


Jenny Smedley paints beautiful Soul Angels - I channel info for you to read. Delivered in 11-14 days.

Short reading -- £30
Detailed reading -- £60

CLIENT FEEDBACK ♥ Serena.. Well where to start.. Thankyou so much for my reading on Jenny's angel portrait that was done for me.. You are spot on with everything that you detailed and I can relate and understand all that you have written .. It was such a detailed reading and took me a while to really take it all in but also made me chuckle as you were so right about a lot that I'm going through emotionally.. And have such a charming way of portraying my angels energies.. I will take away all that you've told me and use this advice in a positive way to improve .. And go forward on my journey.. Love and light serena.. You are a very gifted lady.. Thankyou for all that you do.. You are a guiding light for so many ♥♥♥ UK, JUNE 2016