by Serena

Spirit Guide


I see Spirit clearly with my eyes (or in my mind's eye... hear... smell etc psychically...) so I directly connect to ONE of your Spirit Guides and show you HOW YOU CAN establish a closer bond WITHOUT MY HELP :)

♥CLIENT FEEDBACK I would just like to say a special thankyou to serena for my guide reading that she sent me today... After connecting with my guide serena  then proceeded to give me insight and guidance straight from my guide.. It blew me away.. She was so spot on .. Even telling me the way I think and how I could change my thought pattern to events that are happening and have been going on for a few months now.. My reading was so easy to follow very insightful and a joy to read.. I will definitely be back for more xx thankyou xx " AUG 2016, UK

Delivered in 3 days OR 24 hours